Sunday, October 10, 2010

Slow Sunday

Yeoldfurt let me sleep in Saturday while he was wrangling fence in the back pasture.  By the time I was up and coherent and got a big jug of tea ready to take down to him, he was finished and on his way back to the house.  It was late morning and he had already accomplished the biggest project on his list.  So we sat on the tailgate in the driveway for a few minutes deciding what to do with the rest of the day. 

I'm definitely on the mend, just not very energetic yet so he suggested we go into town for lunch and then just take it easy the rest of the day.  If I was up to snuff, there would have been any number of more exciting things to do ...but I'm not ...yet it sounded like a great idea to me.  We had lunch at the local burger joint in town and were back at the house by 2:00.  We wiled away the rest of the afternoon doing not much of anything else and wrapped up the day with an easy supper of chicken noodle soup. Yeoldfurt takes good care of me all the time but he really caters to me when I'm under the weather.  Gotta love a man that will do that. 

He left for work about 9:00 this morning and I'm whittling away at the household chores while he's gone.  I've got three loads of laundry washed, dried and folded ...the trick will be getting them all put away.  That always seems to be where I get snagged.  Sometimes clean clothes live in the laundry basket until they're used.  Sad, but true.  At least they're clean though, right?  I got some rearranging done in my office and am dusting and vacuuming from one end of the house to the other.  I changed the air filter for the a/c too.  I'm pretty sure I just have an old fashioned head cold and not allergies, but dust aggravates everything a clean filter is logical.  I'd really rather be outside, but too many chores inside would be left undone.  I did take the dog and walk to the back of the pasture a little while ago to admire the fence repairs Yeoldfurt finished up on Saturday.  The tree that had fallen on the fence line was an old oak from the neighbor's pasture.  There is a silver lining to the mishap though.  A lot of the  deadwood ended up on our side of the fence and we'll cut it up for firewood later.  Firewood like fine wine, only gets better with age ...right? 

The chickens are slacking off again.  One egg yesterday and only two today.  For three hens, that's just lazy.  We have decided to increase the flock to four birds anyway and will be getting half a dozen chicks in the spring to raise up.  If these three hens aren't careful, they'll end up in the freezer when the new chicks start laying.  In the meantime, we're rigging up a timer in the coop to turn the fluorescent lights on at 4am in the there.  We'll set them to be on from 4am to 7am, extending the 'daylight' conditions for the hens to about 13 hours.  Hopefully, that will get them motivated! 

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What a Waste!

I'm under the weather and it's
such beautiful weather we're having too!
Mid-40's to mid-50's in the morning, 
highs in the low 80's during the day.
Perfect weather for anything you want 
(or need) to do outside.
But there is a bug going around at the work place 
and I think it may have found me today.
I was fine until about mid-morning.
I sneezed once and haven't been the same since.
My head feels like it's stuffed with cotton 
and my eyes are scratchy and watering.
I sneezed so loud when I was
walking the chickens down the hill to the coop
that they scattered and ran back up the hill.  Ugh!

Yeoldfurt was counting on me 
to haul some more loads of wood and brush 
out to the burn pile today.
But I think it's going to be all I can do 
to get the horses fed and supper cooked 
before he gets home.
 He's getting pork cutlets, brown gravy, 
some herb stuffing and green beans for supper.
It's Chicken Noodle Soup and saltines for me,
with a NyQuil chaser!

I don't officially have 'allergies' that I know of, 
but I do appreciate a good antihistamine. 
I think if I self-medicate and get to bed early tonight, 
I might just sleep this thing off by tomorrow.
That's the plan anyway.